Ashi Krishnan
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I’ve been hacking for 27 years.

I started as a kid and never stopped.

I've worked on mobile apps (that let kids make mobile apps), projection art for the government, and infrastructure so vast that it is the abyss staring back; a monumental protomind which will sooner understand you than you, it.

I'm currently at Apollo, helping weave the global data layer.


Craft JS Budapest
may 8-9, 2019

Learning From Machines

React Amsterdam Amsterdam
april 10-12, 2019

Painting With Pixels: Web GL and React New talk!

Empex Los Angeles
feb 2, 2018

Living Things — Language (Keynote) Video coming soon

{ }
Codemotion Milan Milan
nov 29, 2018

Living Things (Keynote) Upcoming

{ }
Codemotion Berlin Berlin
nov 2018

Living Things (Keynote) Video coming soon

PyData Washington DC
nov 2018

Learning From Machines (Keynote) Video coming soon

StrangeLoop St. Louis
sep 2018

CSS-Minsk-JS Minsk
oct 2018

Deep Learning in JS Video coming soon

Write/Speak/Code New York
aug 2018

Learning From Machines Berlin
jun 2018

Impact Fellowship New York
jan 2018

Full Stack Fest Barcelona
sep 2017

Chick Tech (Keynote) New York

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2019 ⇢ 0000 Apollo Sr. Software Engineer

I'm on the Open Source team at Apollo, working on a loom to weave the global data fabric.

2018 ⇢ 2019 GitHub Sr. Software Engineer

Worked on editor tools, when that was a thing GitHub did.

2016 → 2018 Fullstack Academy Teacher

For two years, I taught at Fullstack Academy—primarily at Grace Hopper, our coding immersive for women. I lectured daily on CS topics, React, and Node, act as PM on student projects, and design curriculum and tooling.

  • 👩🏽‍🏫 Daily lectures: CS topics, JS, React, Express, Node, HTML/CSS, etc.
  • 🤖 Frequent lectures on system design, engineering responsibility, and robots: friend and foe
  • Guide student project work, acting as PM / tech lead
  • 🦈 Prep students for technical interviews
  • 📚 Design curriculum & tooling to support it
2015 → 2016 Hopscotch Senior Developer

Hopscotch makes a visual programming language for kids for the iPad and, now, the iPhone. This was my first foray into mobile development, and the first time in a while that I'd worked as senior dev for a small, agile team.

  • 📱 Worked with CTO to rewrite the code editor as an iPhone app
  • swiftly Wrote a ton of Swift and Objective-C (I 💜 Swift)
  • 😬 Productionized a JS+WebGL port of the Hopscotch runtime
  • 🦄 Built a WebGL text layout system to handle emoji identically(ish) to Core Graphics
  • 🚞 Kept Rails on the rails for the most part
2014 → 2015 Dev Bootcamp Instructor

I left full time development to work as an instructor at Dev Bootcamp. Teaching, I quickly discovered, would be the most powerful and rewarding job I'd ever had.

  • 🛤 Daily lectures on a Rails / JS frontend curriculum
  • Guide student project work, acting as PM / tech lead
  • 🦈 Prep students for technical interviews
  • 🎓 Postgraduate technical counseling
  • 📚 Curriculum design
2010 → 2014 Google Software Engineer in SRE

My team handled the deployment, monitoring, repair, and production tuning of numerous large services at Google. I fought fires, saved services, occasionally broke them, and carried a pager.

  • 🚀 Worked with developer teams to design, document, test, and safely deploy large scale architectural changes
  • 📉 Designed monitoring for complex services and developed capacity plans for services running on thousands of machines
  • 🔥 Diagnosed and repaired perplexing issues arising from, for example, the interplay of new code, ancient bugs, and recursive asynchronous processing pipelines
  • 📟 Carried a pager
2007 → 2010 NOAA Research Scientist

At NOAA, I worked on tools for forecasters, and a projection art museum exhibit called Science on a Sphere, which is probably the visually coolest thing I have ever worked on for money.

  • 👁 Rebuilt graphics pipeline with shaders and DMA video streaming. This 4xed our pixel throughput.
  • 🐭 Shrunk our hardware footprint from four computers down to one (it grew again)
  • 🐍 Built forecaster tooling in scipy
  • Invoked deep bluetooth hackery to add a full Wii remote interface
  • 🕸 Improved our workflow. Before: Makefile maze, environment variables passed down by oral tradition, source in CVS. After: continuous builds and testing, hermetic packages, source—alas—in Subversion.
University of Colorado B.S. Computer Science


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Ashi Krishnan

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