Ashi Krishnan
hi, i'm ashi Photo: Clayton Cubitt

I’ve been hacking for 27 years.

I started as a kid and never stopped.

I've worked on mobile apps (that let kids make mobile apps), projection art for the government, and infrastructure so vast that it is the abyss staring back; a monumental protomind which will sooner understand you than you, it.


Craft JS Budapest
may 8-9, 2019

Learning From Machines

React Amsterdam Amsterdam
april 10-12, 2019

Painting With Pixels: Web GL and React

Empex Los Angeles
feb 2, 2018

Living Things — Language (Keynote)

{ }
Codemotion Milan Milan
nov 29, 2018

Living Things (Keynote)

{ }
Codemotion Berlin Berlin
nov 2018

Living Things (Keynote)

PyData Washington DC
nov 2018

Learning From Machines (Keynote)

StrangeLoop St. Louis
sep 2018

CSS-Minsk-JS Minsk
oct 2018

Deep Learning in JS

Write/Speak/Code New York
aug 2018

Learning From Machines Berlin
jun 2018

Impact Fellowship New York
jan 2018

Full Stack Fest Barcelona
sep 2017

Chick Tech (Keynote) New York


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Ashi Krishnan

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